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Alhambra Nostagias - Furtive Tears

Alhambra trip on 18 Jan 11
Legends will always be a romantic fiction, when someone wants to talk about "the Alhambra" It is a place of splendid rooms and lovely patios, an earthly replica of Eden. My encounter with this beautiful palace was like many tales, formidable and subtle all at once. My attraction was to the sense of tragedy that King Boabdil (Abu 'Abd-Allāh), had to endure to be defeated by Christian kings, and forced to voluntarily leave his heavenly home, where the Moors ruled for seven centuries. Legend says that in his sad journey from exile, on the last hill, where he spotted Granada in the distance, looking back he began to cry. Immediately,his mother, who accompanied him on this trip came up to him and scolded him: "Do not cry as a woman, what you could not defend like a man". This poem highlights this beautiful contrast. In the Alhambra, this sentiment was still alive. I arrived to find the palace of Boabdil almost intact, as was hiswill.
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