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UNDERWORLD-Born Slippy NUXX-live [HD] @ New Years Eve 2008-2009 fireworks

bondi beach on 09 Sep 10
Crystal clear night, NYE countdown, fireworks, then Underworld launch into Born Slippy Nuxx..LIVE at 'Shorething' New Years Eve gig, 31 Dec 2008-1 Jan 2009, on Bondi Beach, Sydney. Recorded from the moshpit. Regret, had to edit out 60 secs to get it under the 10 mins Youtube maximum-cos the full song failed to upload :( Recorded in HD [but after editing it's reformatted with slightly less MB]. If you want to see it in full 720p HD..its up on my channel [see playlists- Underworld]. Unfortunately the full HD vid is split in 2 bits [it actually starts halfway through the track called Jumbo, and the rest of it is on the next track]. But, it is the entire track, in full HD, no editing. BTW, the entire gig is up on my playlist :) the digicam had a good workout [i only missed about 3 mins total i think]! boy, dog boy, dirty numb angel boy, in the doorway boy, she was a lipstick boy...
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