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Great Wall of China : My Tour with Raga Shivranjani Played on Keyboard by Dr.NRKamath

Great Wall tour on 23 Sep 10
I am taking you over aTour of Great Wall of China which I toured in May 2009 with my wife. In the background, I have played Indian Raga Shivranjani on my Keyboard with my own improvisation and played it as mood took me over combination of Shivranjani Notes. In between, I have also fused some interlude music of the Song "Jaane Kahan Gaye Vo Din". As we all know, Great Wall of China is about 5500 miles long and was built by various Chnines Dynasties from 500 BC onwards. So this Great Wall is 2500 years old and undoubtably one of the Greates Wonders of the World. Great wall is about 40 miles form the capital Beijing. I have posted about 75 pics and I am sure you will like this Tour. I played the ancient Raga Shivranjani on my keyboard since I felt it will be befitting TRIBUTE to this ancient structure.On the ledge of Great Wall, I played lots of Folk Tunes on my FLUTE which was appreciated by both Chinese as well as American tourists. I am sure you will like this Tour. Enjoy the pics and the background MUSIC. Please place your valuable comment. Thanks and Regards, Dr. Kamath
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