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On the Road

Joshua on 02 Mar 13

Well as you can see I'm traveling in style. The first leg of the trip was taxing but I did take a gander at The mighty Mississippi and passed through 4 states. I have been to the states I passed through so not as exiting but it was fun driving all the way to Dallas.. I got in early and I was not able to check in for 4 hours. So....I went to Denny's of course. So my advice would be don't go to Denny's in Dallas. Not exactly a high end place. Service sucked and the food was cold. But I did like the coffee if there is a high point to this whole thing. Now I'm checked into the W down town Dallas. Which is very nice I have been here before the Ghost Bar on the roof is awesome. I look forward to hang out there tonight. Ill be leaving early heading to the grand canyon.

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