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Paradise on Earth : Jammu and Kashmir Calling

Kashmir trip on 09 May 11
Kashmir is famous for its four distinctive seasons, each with its own peculiar character and charm, each extravagantly beautiful. Spring (March-May) sees a million blossoms carpeting the ground when the weather can be pleasant at 23-degree centigrade or chilly and windy at 6-degree centigrade (June - August) the whole valley turns into a mosaic of varying shades of green. In autumn (September - November) the green shades turn gold, and then russet and red as the season advances. Winter (December - March) presents Kashmir in an entirely different mood as the landscape becomes bare, soon to be covered by the white mantle of the first snowfall. Watching the bare, snow-covered landscapes from the windows of a heated room is a joy that cannot be described, but only experienced. Toshali Resorts International is the approved tour operator with Department Of Tourism, Government of India. brings you Jammu and Kashmir tourism, for more information on Kashmir tour visit
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    Thank you for you nice information im totally agree with your words and there is no doubt that Kashmir is the land which is is called paradise and perfect destination where holidays to be spent book

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