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89 Days - Episode 1 - Singapore

malaysia reise on 21 Aug 11
CHAPTER ONE - Episode 1- This travel documentary takes you on a 3 month long trip with a couple of guys (and girls, too ;) through Southeast Asia. The first half of the film shows a rather touristic point of view, and as the journey continues and the environment gets tougher, the second half has an adventurous kind of touch. Follow them on their tracks starting in more or less developped places, and big cities such as Singapore or Malaysia, island hopping in Thailand (including the Full Moon Party), eating insects in Asia's Golden Triangle, smoking weed, an adventurous boattrip on the Mekong river in Laos, a rough bus trip in Vietnam, from the Killing Fields to the spectacular Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia in Tomb Raider style. Beaches, waterfalls, massages, and tropical surroundings... Even after cutting out 75% of the filmed material of this roadtrip diary, the film still has 162 min. To make viewing more enjoyable and by giving it a reality show character, the whole movie has been split into 17 parts to make each a separate 10 min episode. Don't always expect perfect camera handling, etc, remember this is a non commercial low budget film taped with a camcorder. There's some at times very sarcastic dialogues, conversations and scenes full of bull; others actually do have a meaning, but mainly the pictures speak for themselves. The entire film is in english, some parts are in German, while all non-english parts are with english subtitles. Do enjoy all 17 episodes while...
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