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Amtrak Trip: Orlando to Deerfield Beach, Fl 6/21/10

Orlando trip on 20 Dec 10
A ride on the luxury train the Silver Meteor. We start in Orlando with the train arriving and the engineer giving a shave and haircut salute on the horn. This shows how nice the sleeping car accommodations are and how convenient rail travel is. Amtrak is now and will forever be around as a leader in transportation. A usually 4 hour trip in a car is reduced to 3 and a half on the train- plus you can dine while traveling and conserve gas. Trains use far less BTU's per passenger mile than cars and planes. While these other methods are great for local and international travel, Amtrak is the way to go when traveling between cities. We met Austin (CSXMiamiSub) in West Palm Beach which was fun. he took a video too, which is here: The sleeping attendant was very nice and allowed me to show him at work. Just goes to show how hard Amtrak crews work to make the passengers happy. Enjoy!
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