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Santiago de Compostela - mercado de abastos

Santiago pilgrim on 17 Sep 10
santiago skyline, mercado de abastos local people Santiago de Compostela is a renowned place of pilgrimage in northwest Spain, where an ancient legend claims the apostle James is buried. The pilgrims trail is one of the oldest European traditions and has followed more or less the same route from time immemorial. At the centre of Santiago de Compostela is the cathedral on the Praza do Obradoiro. It took centuries of building, rebuilding, bricklaying, carpentry and finishing. Construction started in 1075 and 236 years later the completed cathedral was finally consecrated. Around the cathedral are the Praza das Praterias, Praza da Quintana and the Praza da Inmaculada, sheltered by old churches, monasteries and accommodation for the pilgrims. Officially designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, this site is to be safeguarded for the future as a testimony to its enduring past. The 26-part tv-series HERITAGE SITES of the WORLD is available in Dutch and English. Information at Visit highres version or broadcast video footage.
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