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Slovenia Travel: Historic Square in Ptuj with Church and Roman Gravestone

Slovenia trip on 11 Aug 11
OnMay 16, 2009 I arrived in Austria, ready to spend five days with my family. My brother and sister-in-law welcomed me with open arms and had lined up several days of local discoveries. After relaxing on the first day and catching up with my jet lag, on Day 2 we got the whole family together including my sister-in-law's 3 month old grand-niece and drove to the southern regions of Styria to a town by the name of Wildon. This town features the ruins of an imposing medieval castle. Legends of the "wild man" of Wildon have been told to little children for generations. The Middle Ages have always held a special fascination for me. After our hike around the ruins we stopped at a local family-owned winery and enjoyed some hearty local food. On Day 3 we embarked on a hike of one of the local Alpine peaks. The "Rote Wand" (the "Red Wall") is a reddish-coloured limestone outcropping with a nearly vertical drop-off. A hiking path snakes along the edge of the drop-off and offers phenomenal mountain panoramas, but on this foggy day we saw absolutely nothing of the surrounding mountains. Nevertheless, we made an entry in the mountaineer's guest book at the summit cross and started our hike back. Just steps down from the summit, next to a pond on a high-altitude meadow, was a large number of moufflons, a type of stocky wild mountain goat with curved horns, that were grazing peacefully on the meadow. Following our hike we stopped at the local Tyrnauer Almh├╝tte, one of the typical rustic...
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