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DaNang Area of Operations 1st Platoon, 21st RAC 1969

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The scenes in this film are of the DaNang area in 1969. Most were taken from a military jeep and a 0-1 Birddog Army observation and forward air control aircraft belonging to the 1st platoon of the 21st Reconnaissance Airplane Company (RAC). Aerial and ground scenes were preceded by map orientation footage showing the northern provinces of South Vietnam (known as I Corps) and more detailed combat relief maps of the specific areas in and around DaNang depicted in the film. During this period of the war, DaNang had the highest concentration of military forces in Vietnam. Aerial footage of DaNang metro area shows many of the prominent features veterans from all branches of service will remember: the Marble Mountains, Marble Mountain Air Facility (MMAF) , the Tourane Peninsula, China Beach, Camp Tien Shau at the base of Monkey Mountain, downtown DaNang and the Song Han river, Freedom Hill, and the DaNang Main Air Facility. The images of military personnel were taken at MMAF. Footage shows the 212th Combat Aviation Battalion headquarters, BOQ area, and the flight operations building of the 1st Platoon 21st RAC (Black Aces). Later map orientation scenes in the film precede aerial footage taken south and west of DaNang in areas that at times were heavily infested with enemy forces. There are aerial scenes of major 1st Marine Division fire bases such as Hills 34, 37, 55, and 65. Significant operational areas in the footage include the Dodge City Area, Happy and Mortar valleys...
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