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22 Jan xxxx

Don’t mess with the Thais. 

I’ve been over here 7 days, and I’ve only gotten 3 massages.  I’m way behind my quota, and I’m pushing to catch up.  Thai massages are, hmm, not exactly painful, but you’d never fall asleep during one.  The last one I had was right out on the sidewalk in Chiang Mai, with cockroaches skittering everywhere, and this 90-lb Thai woman with legs the size of my biceps manhandling me and making me want to cry uncle.  The masseuses get the biggest kick when you groan.  “Hurt?” she says.  “Hurt good,” I say, and they all laugh.  It’s like one big social circle with all the masseuses and the people getting massaged.  I like that atmosphere.  The masseuses actually look like they’re having a good time.

Now I’m not the most flexible guy in the world, and the last thing they do is take your hands behind you, put their feet on your back and lunge.  I’m sure a chiropractor could get sued in the States for that, and the first time it happened I was so surprised I yelled.  Needless to say, that got them going.

I’m crossing into Laos tomorrow.  I have tons of things I want to write, but I’ve had little time.  I think that means it’s been a good vacation so far.

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