Port Augusta to Cober Pedy. I would of liked to have spent some time in Port Augusta but we went on to Cober Pedy. It was a very Llllllooonnnngggg drive with nothing in between except a huge salt lake


and the cargo trains are as long as the eye can see. The kids were really restless being in the car for over 5 plus hours with nothing to do but look at Australia. We let them out every now and then

image8.jpgwe finally hit Cober Pedy around 5.50pm we try and find anywhere around this time as the kids are chomping at the tooth for something to eat.

image9.jpgThe weather is’nt that bad, comfortable not to hot. Ohh the on coming traffic is very interesting, we saw 3 trucks with different pieces of a big tonka truck (i don’t know what they’re really called) which was a wide load and the raods are’nt extreamlly wide so we’re in the dirt when they come near us. And not much sign of wild life (much to Steve’s dissapointment). Some Eagles though. Well take care write tomorrow, KarynXXX

Posted from Australia:

posted Saturday September 2006


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