Charlie’s travels – New Zealand 3

Ok quite a lots happened… Ive just come back from Milford Sound with my swedish friend Ellen and Danish friend Jonus, (so lucky to have met them, was briefly introduced by Evan this canadian guy I met on my first night in dunedin) anyway Evans gone onto Thailand, but Ellen and Jonus were really up for some travelling so we decided to make a short trip to Stewart Island. (Ellen has a car thank god!!)

So after getting there with minutes to spare before the ferry left, we find it cancelled due to the gale force winds- So we ended up staying in this small derelict sort of place called Bluff where the ferry terminal was (just south of Invercargill) – lots of running around in the pouring rain trying to find another human being, the backpackers was deserted, and the pub wanted to charge us $35 a night each! So anyway eventually we find this camping site with cabins for $10, which basically consisted of a room with a bunk bed in the middle of it! So we stayed there the night only to find the ferry cancelled the next morning as well. So we then spent two hours sitting in a bakery eating pies and chocolate cake b4 deciding that we really should do something contructive. So we ended up driving to Milford Sound (opposite dunedin (ish) but on the west coast line ) – Was an amazing drive, though it took a bit of getting used to Ellens automatic and a few panic attacks driving past police cars! Anwyay we didnt make it all the way so we stayed in Te Anau where we looked into some treks, and ended up doing a three night trek called the hollyford trek the next day – really close to Milford Sound. Weather was fab – blue sky and sun (tho still freezing!) Yesterday we made it back to the car by 12 so we continued down to the sound itself (scenery is incredible mountains on all sides) and then I drove from Milford back to Dunedin literally from one side of the country to the other! Got back bout 9 just in time for Jonus’ night shift at subway!!! Look like the walking dead now.

So the plan is after ellens rugby match on Saturday (she plays for the womens team here) we do a weeks tour round the west coast and back down to Mt Cook before her flight home – will be a bit of a quick tour but suits my timing too. So Im still hearing the weather is great in the uk! Would be good to see some su before uni starts so see you soon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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posted Thursday July 2006


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