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02 Jun xxxx

 Hey everyone well i am early half way round on the trip, got another 3 weeks to go. am having a great time and seen alot of places.  the days are really full on but am coping with lack so sleep.  at moment we are in Greece tonite and tomorrow and the next destination after this will be Turkey, which has a really strick boarder crossing so that will be interesting.  A lot of us have been sick is some sort of way, soe due to drinking, lack of water in the hot water, change of diet, weather etc.  at the moment we are staying a a campsite with wireless internet so am using someones laptop.  Its been great hearing from you, sorry i cant reply as it will just take to long.  The time we spent in corfu was great, nice and relaxing, we spent one day out on a boat swimming, some did water sports and i’ve never eaten so much food, it was coming out all the time.  Was going to  go diving  but wasn’t sure what the company was like and the others i would be diving with.  I would love to go back to there and some of the other islands in that area.  There are lots of bus loads and ships of people in the all the areas we visit so it makes things interesting.  I have fulled one card of photos but we are all going to share our photos on face book so when i get time i will add then onto my one with the names of what they are and when i can check the spelling of things!!!!. well i better go to bed as well have an early start like breakfast at 6am then backon the road to the next camp site, but its great as i have a tent to myself.

take care


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