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Weve left Mendoza city and headed north to Provincia de San Juan. 


Mendoza city was ok, with all the usual plazas and dogs.  The most remarkable thing was the weather. Our bus trip was freezing, as the heating was broken, which made sleeping rather difficult.  They fed us some revolting food and Jon won the bingo.  The prize was a packet of cards that were numbered up to 12, so were not sure what you play with them…


It snowed in Mendoza, though not enough to settle in the city.  We walked about for a couple of days, checked out a hill where you can see the Andes, but these were obscured by clouds.  We have bought a thermal top each, as we gave most of our useful stuff to the Sallies before we left NZ. 


We left Mendoza after about 5 days, and headed north to a small town called San Agustn de Valle Frtil.  It is within striking distance of a couple of parks, one provincial, the other national (a UNESCO protected park).  Well post some photos and more details when we are in a larger town.  The internet here is painfully slow.


The hostel we stayed in is pretty interesting.  There is an assorted group of very dodgy individuals constantly coming and going, but everyone is very nice.

The next few days were spent hopping between towns, one night here, two nights there.  From La Rioja we caught a jam-packed minivan to a pueblocito called San Pedro (of course)… From there we had to hitch to Aimogasta where we thought we could stay a night.  The hitch went well, as we got picked up by some locals transporting their olives up-country.  The road was slightly inclined, so they accelerated their ancient truck and cut the engine once we got going.  They didnt seem to mind the traffic building up behind us. 

We left Aimogasta the same day as it had nothing to keep us there.  Testament to this was the fact that there were more kids racing around the central plaza on noisy skooters that there are boy-racers in Taupo at Christmas.  A kid raced past us and we thought we saw him getting his muffler fixed later on… we realised he was getting a bad one taken off to be replaced with a sh!t one to make even more noise than the last.

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