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Long time no talk! I’m much too exhausted to recount the past 10 days of my life at the moment. However, I can tell you that they were amazing. I traveled all over Israel, learned so much, and made some great friends. The Birthright trip that I went on was an outdoor adventures quest trip, which means we did more adventurous stuff like kayaking, intense hiking, and water hiking. It has been a blast. It is so nice to be around people who don’t complain when we have to hike up one more mountain or get dirty in the mud. Everyone was easy going and ready to have fun and I so enjoyed my trip.

Besides this, our leader was spectacular. She was this amazing, beautiful, totally cool Israeli woman named Einat. We all fell in love with her. She really made our trip and if it weren’t for her upbeat, fun attitude and wealth of knowledge about EVERYTHING, this trip would not have been as great as it had been. Thanks, Einat.

My trip was also made by the people. By the end of the trip we turned into tan, dirty hippies. I showered few times throughout the trip and am loving it. Dirtiness isn’t so taboo out here. It really is a nice way of life. Not to say Israelis are dirty…because they are not. Just the crowd I’ve been hanging out with…and I love it. Needless to say, I’m officially black. I’ll be much darker by the end of the trip but I am pretty damn tan.

I received about a total of 10 hours of sleep on this entire 10 day trip (with one exception when I was much too sick to go out). The people and events were all too great to miss out on, thereby leaving me with little sleep and too many good times to even remember (not all of this forgetfulness can be attributed to the sheer volume of good times but I must admit, some to a certain liquid consumed that tends to cause things to be forgotten. I’ll let you figure the rest out.) I did end up sick by the end of the trip and this is how I am at the moment. Shelly, my good friend with whom I am spending the rest of my trip, is being a good mommy and taking care of me well. I can hardly breath through my swollen and sore throat, not a bit through my stuffy nose, and my entire body aches. Not to mention of course that it is a moment to moment struggle to keep my eyelids open just enough to take the next step without falling flat on my face.

So, because of my exhaustion and need to collect my thoughts and feelings about the past ten days in order for you to understand them, I leave you. Thanks to all of those who wrote me comments. I love them…keep em coming. More pictures to come when I have more time and energy.



Karyn “Rivkah Pesha” Bernstein
Posted from Israel:

posted Sunday May 2006


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