Andrew Boughey Bazs World Tour – Argentina 11

14 Mar xxxx

Leave Mendoza today at 8pm for 11 hour bus ride to Rosario, before prob going to BA on Monday for St Paddys.

Awesome weather here, cloudless and prob mid 20s every day, no wind.  went on a bike tour the first day that you hire bikes on and ride from Vineyard to vineyard.  Have walked around town etc, but just chilling on the lawn by the pool all day has been great.

went to club last nite, crazy, doesnt get busy til about 2am, hundreds outside trying to get in, jam packed in there, cant move.  very intense, but good.

points of note

-working hours are 8am til 1pm, then 4pm to 8pm.  So you cant go anywhere or get anything early afternoon when they have their siestas.

-1 litre beer costs 6 pesos (2 USD) -massive burger was 10 pesos, dinner (enchiladas with 2 margaritas was 45 pesos)  so cheap

-people dont eat dinner til 10pm or later.  outside our hostel is footpaths covered in table and chairs at bars and they are all chocka from about 9pm onwards.

– camera is broken and have lost spectacles.  should be covered by insurance though

– they have bidets here to clean your ass, there is tp too though which i prefer still.

– tried to book an awesome hostel in BA but already full which sucks, can still hang out there though

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posted Friday March xxxx


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