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hey Lin,
what fantastic photos. Mick is green with envy over the photos of macchupiccu. It just looks amazing! Will send you an email soon. Our holiday was great, hard to get back into reality!! Enjoy yourself.Take Care. Love Deb xx

10 Aug xxxx
Dad & Mum
Linda. Your photographs are just fantastic, this is something that you will never forget. It is amazing what these people were able to accomplish so long ago. Of course the mystery is why did they abandon such a beautiful & mystical place and where did they go?
Love From

10 Aug xxxx
Hi mate looks like things are fantastic over there and you are having a great time. Not much happening over here for me except this house. Went to a strata meeting the other day only to find out that there is not enough power coming into the complex and the developer doesn’t want to know about it. At the moment we are having the tiles layed went there on Tuesday and great be finished Friday went back last night and nothing more done, trying to hold people up so they don’t walk on the tiles until they dry now I have to put off other things for a bit longer carpet is supposed to be going in on the 20/08/07 but I amn now not sure I might try and put that back a bit longer as we don’t want the workers walking over it and all the dust and dirt getting into it.
It is good to hear from you keep having a good time and stay safe hear from you soon.

09 Aug xxxx
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