final countdown – Australia 5

DAY 18

13th of October 2006

Berry Springs was another thermal spring with a waterfall and as Mataranka it was very tranquil even with the other people around we found ourselves a little hidie hole to swim in.


DAY 22

17th of October 2006

Look who has learnt to swim. Since we got to Darwin Tiarn has been in the pool almost every day and the floatieBranden is using is what Tiarn wasusing last week and now she’s usinga vest and jumping in from side of the pool. We’re very proud of her.

image62.jpg image63.jpg image64.jpg

DAY 23

18th of October 2006


image65.jpg image66.jpg

4 yr old female crocs

image68.jpg image69.jpg

2 yr old crocs


When we went to the park it was unbelivable. I wasn’t that interested at first, I thought it was more of a boy thing, but WOW what we learn’t from Ruben our tour guide at the park was fantastic to say the least. But what blew me away the most was the intence sound of their snap. He said that the impact of their bite is the same as being hit by five cars at once.That is one place I never want to be (in their jaws). We learnt so much that is proberly common sence to alot of people but I didn’t know that they can’t eat under water because they will drown. And they can stay under water with their kill for up to an hour before they eat it. We took about 120 photos it was a great day.

image70.jpg image71.jpg image72.jpg

Hope that your catching up with our adventures and keeping well.

Next installment coming soon.

Karyn & Tribe xx
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posted Tuesday October 2006


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