Juliet Ju’s Latin American Adventure – Peru 12


Well. I am in Cusco airport and because I have free WIFI access thought I would just quickly write a blog. Turns out my flight is not as cushy as previously thought. The guy at the office where I booked it told me that I could book my luggage through and check in at Lan. Wrong!! So I now have an hour and half to collect my luggage, check in to Avianca and pass through immigration TIGHT!! Hopefully I will next be writing to you in Bogota or I will be an unhappy camper in Lima!!

Well my time in Cusco was fabulous! I met an awesome group of travellers in the hostel and we went out partying together a lot. Didnt think it could possibly be true but I actually think the men in Cusco are worse than the Argentines and that is saying a lot! One guy kept grabbing at me pulling my arms and hair and stuff. When I told him to go away he literally SPAT on me!! How disgusting is that! I was in so much shock I did absolutely nothing! I just looked at him in shock. He walked off with a flick of the arm as if it was a totally normal thing to do!! Yuck!!

The best thing about going out in Cusco is the wealth of hang over food available the next day! So many great touristy restaurants to choose from!! Yesterday my two good friends and I went and pigged out on English breakfast and drank coffees all day.

Well just a quick little update because I had the opportunity. Please please please let everything work out ok with this flight and I will write to you again from Bogota! xoxoxo

Posted from Peru:

posted Monday October xxxx


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