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Well, we made it to Peru.  Our plane from Fort Lauderdale was about 2 hours late which would have been alright had the Fort Lauderdale airport been cooler.  We went out of the secured area for a bit and Dan nipped some line cutters in the bud on our way back in.  In retrospect it seems that they might not have meant to cut, but it definitely seemed like it at the time.

Today in Lima was cool, we spent the first part of the day near our hotel (Hotel Espaa) in the centro (downtown) area of Lima.  We checked out Plaza de Armas and saw the beginning of the changing of the guard at the Presidents house.  We found the supermarket and loaded up on bottled water.

Around midday we headed for Miraflores.  We hung around there until about 1930 and caught a taxi back to the hotel.  And by hung around I of course mean that we walked and walked and walked with some brief periods of sitting and eating and drinking mixed in.  We walked down to the beach and saw some surfers, and walked back up to the top of the cliffs to watch the sunset while drinking pisco sours and eating ceviche.

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