Patsy’s travels 2005 – Syrian Arab Republic 7

Jethi Grotto, Tripoli, Babylos, Beruit (Lebanon) (Day 9)

This day has been planned to cover the major attractions of north Lebanon.

The Grotto (near Beruit) was discovered by a fisherman in 1969. It is two caves (upper and lower), full of stalic mites and stalic tights. the lower cave was most impressive, where travelling through the cave is done by boat, where the water is clear and the roof of the cave can be tall as a 10 storey building. i would come back to lebanon just to see this cave again.

Tripoli on the other hand was a tad boring, it was a citadel and that was it. However, Babylos had so much history. I was a citadel surrounded by ruins from the pre-historic era and also roman remains which included a theatre with a miniture stage with miniture statues. I think the romans had a sense of humour.

We managed, and i dont know how we did but squeezed in a film back in Beruit (mission impossible 3) and then we went clubbing in downtown at the Asia Club (9th floor open air roof top). I mean, could I be any cooler?! It was their opening night and all drinks were free. I swear, if this club was in England, it would have been messy. We get home at 2am, after a day that started 8am!

Posted from Syrian Arab Republic:

posted Saturday March 2014


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