Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – Antigua and Barbuda 14

We departed from Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, on Wednesday, February 4th, in, what should have been winds from the east-north-east Any winds north of east would have suited our purpose of a non-stop sail to Barbados. In the event, after one hour, the winds clocked round to south of east . We found ourselves heading straight St Croix; an island which we love and will want to visit…..but not now! It became necessary to put in a tack, which brought us parallel to the Virgin Gorda coast. In fact, we saw Virgin Gorda for hours oon end! We tacked, again, and sailed, roughly south-east. During the course of Wednesday night, the wind backed to north of east and we started heading towards Dominica. We, really, had a choice of passing between Dominica and Martinique; or between Martinique and St Lucia. On Thursday, I made the comment that we had seen no sea

Posted from Antigua and Barbuda:

posted Monday February 2009


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