Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – British Virgin Islands 25


The surveyor examined Beesmej, yesterday. The yacht was hauled out, in order to examine the hulls and bridge deck from underneath.

The conclusions drawn were as follows:

The hull structure is sound.

The saloon floor is not, adequately, supported. There should be more supporting strutts and the entire surface, between floor and bridge deck, should have been glassed in. Had the yacht been used, solely, for weekend excursions, the defective floor support would not have come to light. The sea conditions, we experienced, were fairly severe; the floor shifted, as a result.

The entire saloon floor will need to be lifted out, in order to obtain adequate access to the space between floor and bridge deck. Work will commence on Thursday, December 11, and will last three weeks……at least! Maggie and I will need to move into an hotel, again!

The sails are being repaired and should be back, this Friday. We hope to sail for a few days, before Beesmej is hauled out.

On that basis, I guess I should wish you, all, a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Much love to all.

Maggie & Bernard on Beesmej

Posted from British Virgin Islands:

posted Tuesday December xxxx


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