Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 32


Daughter Gaynor arrived, yesterday; she is a most welcome addition to the crew.

All is set for our departure from Twin Dolphin Marina on Thursday, October 30, at 0730 EST.

We will head for the Keys and pass under Seven Mile Bridge, close to Marathon, after an overnight sail. I hope to reach Pumpkin Cay, in Biscayne Bay, in time to anchor on Friday night. If the winds are favourable, we will progress up the east coast of Florida, heading for Fort Lauderdale, which I hope to reach mid-afternoon on Saturday. The plan is to moor up in the back yard of Dan & Sarah Even, who used to own Manta Catamarans LLC, prior to Dan being diagnosed with Ca oesophagus, with multiple liver secondaries.

Then, it will be a matter of awaiting favourable winds to cross the Gulf to the Bahamas. It will be necessary to avoid any wind direction with an “N” in it. Any northerly component in the wind will make the seas heap up into solid walls , as the wind will be pushing against the north flowing Gulf Stream.

Despite all our frustrations with our enforced stay in the marina, I do believe Maggie & I will miss this spot, after all!

Posted from USA:

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