Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 44


We boarded BEESMEJ, last Monday. It, quickly, became clear that the stowage space is much smaller than we had expected. Although everything fitted in, there will be need to reorganise things, seriously.

Our UK manufactured mattresses and pillows are a treat to sleep on. It cost us a fortune to have them imported into the US; but, it was worthwhile.

The air conditioning unit failed on Friday evening. Although we could sleep overnight, albeit in discomfort, temperatures, in the saloon, reached 94 degrees before 9 am.

On Friday, the team partially commissioned our water maker; the water maker was left in “standby” mode, with fresh water. On Saturday, dockyard staff drew my attention to the fact that we were losing water from our starboard hull. We were, at the time, attached, by hose, to a shoreside tap. This was designed to bypass the yacht’s own water tank. When the shoreside tap was turned off, water stopped gushing out of our hull. Apparently, 1000 gallons had been lost, overnight! I was instructed to leave the shoreside tap switched off. We needed fresh water; so I switched on the yacht’s Fresh Water circuit breaker, which is connected to our fresh water tank. The motor started up, but continued running, as if a tap was wide open. A quick check confirmed that all taps were switched off. I checked our hull and discovered water pouring out from our starboard hull! By this time, we had lost half our tank water! I located the overflow plastic pipe and clamped it. Water stopped flowing from the hull and the Fresh Water motor stopped running. So far so good, I thought. I went below to check the hold, where I had clamped the overflow pipe and, to my horror, discovered that one of the pressure gauges, attached to our water maker, was 2/3rds full of water! This was, clearly, not right. Someone has, I believe, connected the plumbing incorrectly. I shut down the fresh water system, completely.

With no AC and no fresh water, we decamped back to the hotel. Needless to say, there are no emergency boatyard staff available, over the weekend. I hope everything will be corrected on Monday; then, we can re-board.

Commissioning should be imminent…….again!

Posted from USA:

posted Sunday July xxxx


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