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Hi everyone…I had a major change of plans, and just spent 6 days in Torino with cugino Roberto & his wonderful family!  Their phone number had changed from what I had so I walked from the youth hostel, rang their doorbell, & waited.  A speaker came on asking who it was & when I said Donna from N.Y. I heard a scream…it was Roseanne (Robertos wife) on the balcony above talking a hundred miles an hour in Italian!  About my time with them…all I can say is that my heart is changed from being with them!  I got some great pictures, but cannot begin to share all the experiences we had together.  I did not want to wear out the welcome mat, so said I had to leave today…their 2 children live with them & they lead very busy lives, but I vow to return because it was the best part of my trip!  I cannot wait to share all the stories & pictures with you!  I came to Lucerne for one day, but am sooo homesick that I am leaving tomorrow for Nice, France.  The Alps are so beautiful…you guys would LOVE them…but they should be shared with a loved one, not alone (need I say more?).  I am heading back into Italy for the Cinque Terre along the Ligurian Coast & then back through France along the coast & into Spain.  (I decided to skip Salzburg because I am really wearing out!)  I love you all & miss you!  My bout with homesickness hit hard today.  I will explain more later.  My train leaves for Bern, Geneve, Grenoble, & Nice tomorrow at 10 am so must get some sleep.  Ciao, ciao!  Love,  Momma/Donna

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