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This morning was my getaway day from barcelona as I soured on that city, too many people and one bad experience. I got in the Audi A3 and statred south on the coast to a town -Sitges. A cute little town right on the Mediterranean, where it was sunny and warm. Glad I stopped there, but there was no reason to stay other than the sun and warmth. My plan was to drive northwest to Zaragoza, Spains fifth largest city and a hostoric city with a magnificent church as the centerpiece. What else is new? This one is different as legend says there was a sighting of the ; ;blessed ; ;mother and there is a statue on top of a pillar that all of the kids climb a bunch of steps to kiss the pillar! Very cute ritual as ;i watched a bunch of kids make the climb and their families watched as the official church photographer recored the moment. There is Moorish influence here as the church has representative architecture. TMany of the street are very narrow and confusing to follow. I got lost finding my hotel and finally grabbed a taxi driver and told him to lead the way! I was nice and lost, but I can do this causeI am by myself. Imagine an exciteable travel partner and how much stress that would be. Nice hotel but a subscription internet service so I am in an Internet cafe. The person in the next carrel is using the Yahoo cam to talk and see his wife/girlfriend and talk away in some foreign tongue. His family just came by and they all got on the webcam to the other person. Anybody want to see me? Thanks for the replies as they make connecting on the Internet very worth while. It is difficult to communicate as the natives speak so fast, i cant pick up what they are saying. i do much better with the written word. By the way, it is 32 degrees here and I am kicking myself for leaving the warm ocean for this cold. ;it was a beautiful three hour drive here across farming country’grapes and olives that is! Tonight, I am going to find a fine restaurant and enjoy Aragonian cuisine. THThe time has been going quickly as ;i spend downtime plotting my next destination and reading about the history of each town. I have three books, a road map, a history book and a guide to towns and hotels and stuff. They weigh a lot when carried! I should figure out how to get some pictures up soon. Tomorrow, I have two locations in mind and it depends on what time, I hit the road. I would like to see a bit more of this town by daylight and travel north by northwest. There is really so much more ;i could tell you but ill end by wishing you all feliz anno nuevo. Till next time!

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posted Saturday December 2006


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