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Hi everyone!  I am still having a great time!  Back here from Siricusa, Sicily with its magnificent ruins from the 600BC era…met people from all over.  In Rome here for 2 nights…R&R…then tomorrow morning, by Trenitalia 2 hrs. SE to Cassino.  I have arranged to rent a car there & at about 10:30 am I should be in the homeland towns of grandparents for the next 2 or 3 days!  I called Connie Ricchiuti & she is expecting me & will calm me down & show me around.  The weather has been perfect (except rainy in Sicily)…beautiful day here!  I absolutely love Rome!  I am in an Internet Phone Center which is quite common here.  Last night, I stayed in a room with 3 Japanese kids…they communicated in Japanese & I accused them of talking about me.  They laughed & said they would tell their mothers that another mother watched over them while here in Rome!  Right now, I am sitting between 2 Australian guys who look like they partied too hard last night.  Well, my next task is trying to download my pictures onto my flashdrive…I have taken so many & have yet, so far to go!  Must keep organized & not lose anything…that would be my worse nightmare.  I am being very careful!  I hope you are all well & enjoying my travel blog.  I will do some mailings today…mail here is very, very slow.  So, take care & buon journo!  Ciao, ciao de Italia!  Mom/Donna

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