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Wednesday, August 1:

Today we drove into Charlottetown to see the musical performance of “Anne of Green Gables”. It was a wonderfulproduction with great singing and dance numbers. The young woman who played Anne was particularly good,bringing the high drama and passion to the role that was part and parcel of Anne’s character. I have read and re-readthe Anne books, have seen plays and watched movies, yet I always cry when Matthew dies. Today was no different,and I even caught Massey brushing away a tear during that poignant scene.

The production was held at the Confederation Centre for the Arts, so we did try to dress up a little for the occasion.However, having been on the road for over a month, we are looking a little worse for the wear. Clothes need pressing,there’s the odd grease spot, and we both desperately need haircuts. We excuse our looks with the thought that thereis no possible way we will run into anyone we know. Imagine our surprise when, in the lobby of the Centre, we ran intoan old family friend from Saskatoon, Mrs. Guse. She is in PEI visiting family and was with her two granddaughters.It was great to see her, but we are now under no illusions that no one will see us in our present state of disarray. It is a small world indeed!

After the show, we wandered around downtown Charlottetown for awhile, then walked down to the waterfront where there are all kinds of neat little shops, pubs and restaurants. We stopped into the COWS store for some ice cream, andthen Massey spied a Paderno store. Apparently Paderno is made right here in PEI.

As we had left Zorro back in Cavendish in the trailer (with the fan on), we cut our wandering in Charlottetown down toa minimum, resolving to return on our way off the island. Walking back to the car, we became quite lost, leading Massey to suggest that although we have Gertie for the car, we need to invest in a GPS system for ourselves!

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