Sam and Marissa’s Cross Country adventures! – USA 5

hola everyone…we are currently in portland and finally have internet again and this time im going to try and get these bad boys up to date! alrighty so the long awaited renovated caboose!!

image399.jpgimage392.jpgimage393.jpg(yes there was a guy staying in the trailer while we were there…very close quarters haha)image394.jpgimage395.jpgimage396.jpgimage397.jpgimage398.jpg (this clock made train sounds every hour…-they love trains!)

and then this is Mary and Lang’s “cabin” across the street


the “submarine controls” below, operate their three heating systems…floors, porch..and water


they had 2 staircases (that were hidden behind a secret panel in the wall) up to a little room where you can see victoria!


and there were nobs (the one to the right) in every room so you could adjust the volume of whatever was playing on the central music system


then we went to seattle and stayed with sam’s cousin Josh in his beautiful apartment


and we explored the city…


went to the Experience Music Project


and josh took us out to this crazy sushi place where they put it on on a conveyer belt and you take what you want…as they had this enormous wallside TV that was playing japanese TV where these teletubbie-esque dudes were doing extreme sports….madness


and then we got…
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posted Tuesday October 2006


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