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Patagonia Adventures Continued


Hello all, greetings from Bariloche, North Patagonia, Argentina. As you can see I´ve finally gotten this photo lark sorted out. What a relief! I also have a photo website that you can take a look at with most of my pictures uploaded. You can overdose on all of my snaps since I arrived in South America!

Lynda's Big Adventure 5
posted 15 Feb 2007

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lynda corcoran on 02 Nov 2008
Hi Lynda,Have a nice day from Joliette (Quebec) Canada
Biba on 31 Mar 2008
I just googled my friend Tulio Picinini who I have lost contact with, and your travelblog came up, so I hoped you will send me his e-mail adress.
Lynda Corcoran on 20 Jan 2008
Hi Lynda,Your web is wonderful and amazing for me, I explain you why. My name is Lynda Corcoran and I'm leaving now in Joliette (in Quebec Province, Canada) and working in Musée d'art de Joliette as Registrar, what's a surprise for me to see your website! Hope you enjoy it like me. My middle name is Nelly. Bye
Lynda Corcoran on 01 Oct 2007
Hi Lynda Corcoran WOW girlie what a trip,I was having a fiddle on the internet and googled my name which is the same as yours gee whiz I would of traded me for you for a while!I live in USA though I am a Brit.USA is where I ended up Was fun reading your blog and looking at your pics.lynda Corcoran (hey whats your middle name?)

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