MaryAnne Take Me Out to the Ballgame – USA 38

We got out early this morning and headed for the repair shop. Truck repair places are so cool! Everything is gargantuan! We got the tire fixed by Gene Gene the Tire Changing Machine (you can see the others boys standing around being schooled)  

Turns out it was the inside tire on the drivers side, and lemme tell ya, it was shot to hell! Seems we picked up a screw somewhere that just wore down the tread, all the way to the wires. If finally blew a hole right before we got to the campground last night.


We heard a faint thud but didnt know what it was. Now we do. This is our first experience with a flat tire, so I had to document it for posterity. Gene had us back on the road in no time! The guys at the garage were really interested in our adventure, so I gave one of them the blog site so they could follow along. How cool is that!

We didnt get to drive around Savannah as I had hoped. I was going to scope out Paula Deens place, but thatll have to wait until next time. I can see now that well have to spend at least a summer back here exploring! Theres so much to do and see.

The drive was uneventful and a lot smoother than yesterday! Thank the Maker it was only a tire (well, two actually. We had to replace the outside one as well because it was carrying the whole load for a long time.) As we were motoring along, we saw birds nests on top of power poles. There was a whole line of them for about 2 miles. Some you could see the birds sitting in. Its great to see the harmonious cohabitation of man and bird. Seems to have worked out for everyone. I bet the cats are mad though.

We also came across a place called South of the Border (it’s just south of the VA border in North Carolina) and it has everything anyone could possibly want, from a casino with bingo to a miniature golf course. There was a regular golf course, RV park and restaurant as well. They even had an indoor gun range! Hell, you’ll probably find Jimmy Hoffa in there! The billboards started about 125 miles from it, and it was funny to see what they’d have to offer next. The giant sombrero was hysterical as we passed. Talk about a tourist trap! Hasta la vista, Baby!

Rick still wasnt feeling well so I drove most of the day again. He gave me a break for about an hour, but he is really wiped out by whatever this is. He slept most of the day and went to bed almost as soon as we got here.

And speaking of here were at the Jellystone Campground in Emporia, VA. Apparently its a chain campground, found all over the US (except the West Coast, of course.)


Its not as luxurious as some of the others, but its clean and the people are super nice.

Were about 90 miles from my aunts house in Williamsburg, so well pull in there tomorrow and spend some time with her. I love all the history and beauty of Williamsburg. Plus she likes to shop. I havent been shopping in days!

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