Arrive Los Angeles

Arrive Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

After a 12.30 hr long distance flight. Virgin Australia (VA) seats were great, lighting was good, video entertainment was good, food was good, alcoholic intake was even better, but it seams there is no silver bullet for the tyranny of long distance travel. We did however gain a day due to time zones.

Arrived in LAX after a 20 year lag since my last visit, nothing much has changed. It amazes me that Australian airport facilities seem so more advanced, however I’m sure the USA would have a defensive statement about this.

For the blog……… LA downtown is probably not a good choice to stay as a tourist (our mistake) as is the Wiltshire Grand, it is mainly for the business orientated and some what dated. For the technical……. radio/Internet connection was low speed 802.11b and I suspect their technology around the same time frame, currently struggling to publish this blog to the the slow speed. However after experiencing the LA downtown precinct and enjoying some of the best cocktails and bar snacks we have ever ever tasted we decided to move on to Hollywood the next day for more things to see and do and take it from there.

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