Adventures of He-Man and friends – Canada 1

Hi all you beautiful people. This is Meg finally writing on this thing. Soif you are interested in our trip you can hear myperspective!!!!!!!!

Well We spent some beautiful days in P.E.I at our friends parents flower farm. I am such a city girl I have never been to a farm before. Curt whose the country boy was very experienced in farms. I had my first experience of hanging out in a barn, sitting and chatting and also listening to some jamming on the top of the barn sitting in a pile of hay stacks.

Besides from that the beaches in P.E.I are beautiful. The red sand goes smoothly right between your feet. On wednesday we did our laundry and then hung out at the beach watching the sun set. We then proceeded to go hang out in Charlottetown, and partiedat a bar at the peer. It was fun. Although i think it was the beggining for the flu bug which hit me earlier and then Curt. On thursday we decided to continue with our journey and left the barn. We decided to check out Dalvay By the Sea a really expensive hotel rooms go for 500/night. It had a beautiful beach right beside it and the ocean was great. On the contrary Curt and I caughtthis awful bug hit us big time!!!, and where going back and forth to the bathroom in this Ritzy hotel. At one point we were argueing about Pepto Bismol, wheather its a suppository or not. While racing for the bathroom, And all the guests hearing this conversation. It. It also did not help that I got plenty of dirty looks from the guests. I got really pissed off. Although today we are laughing abou it. I guesse it would be more comical to us. Anyways we did not get to far yesterday wedrove over the Confederation bridge, which was really cool. It only took 15 mins to get from P.E.I to New Brunswick. Pretty neatHey!!! We decided we can’t get any farther so we stopped at Cape Tortenine for the night. In a cute little cabin called coastal CabinsThe place was seconds from the beach. The beach had the most awesome seashells, The best we found. Lots of sanddollars.

Today we are slowly heading home, taking our time through checking out New Brunswick over the long weekend. Then headingtowards the west on Monday,

Man how time flies when you are having a good time.

Hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying the summer sun.

Write back later.

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hey guys, sorry to hear about your run ins with the french. at least they surrender easily at the first sign of danger. hope you’re having a great time, take care.

30 Jul 2007
By the way there is a bridge to get to PEI 😉 enjoy the beach and be careful with the jellyfish. It’s really nice up there! Are you going to see our neighbour?
Mathieu, your know your twin, is coming this wednesday and he is going to sleep in your room, is it ok? He will sleep well with all the Simpsons things…

30 Jul 2007
WEEEEE! You get to go to PEI!!! Take some pictures for me, especially if you get to the Anne of Green Gables House! I read all the books when I was younger and watched Road to Avonlea on CBC and always wanted to go!!! Have FUN!!!
PS. Austin’s Birthday is on Monday!! #6!!!

29 Jul 2007
Megan, I met the owner or the neighbour of your appart. I introduce myself ans she gave me some mails for you. She said that she still receive mail for you even if you wrote B for the unit… Everything is ok in your appart.
H ave fun

24 Jul 2007
HI Having good trip cart! This is Emi. I wanted let you know prggy incoming on 30th July. I told her you are not there at the time. Give me a e-mail address of you and we can talk more.
AAAnyway, keep going good trip! Take care emi

20 Jul 2007
Cape Breton…of course you can pronounce…

19 Jul 2007
I like Geezer Fights…They’re fun

17 Jul 2007
Good-morning you guys :0)
Well Megan I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :0) for july 17th. Hope I`m right :0)
Enjoy your day :0)
Bye bye and love you lots oxxo

16 Jul 2007
Well, well, well, You said you don’t like Quebecers drivers, I just agree but don’t forget those albertains you drive on left side on the Highway under the limit… I hate them! Of course 2 days in Montreal was not enought so here’s your reason to come back next summer and visit Quebec City (the most beautiful city in Canada) that time!
It is really warm in Canmore right now… my room is an oven like last year and my cat barely move.
Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to go to Cabot Trail.
Dolorès, your favorite roomate 😉

15 Jul 2007
Good-morning :0)
I was glad to hear from you this morning :0)
I woke up during the night that I saw your e-mail, so I quickly came to check after work this morning :0)
It`s good that you can enjoy yourselves and sounds like you`re having a wonderful trip. Just keep on being safe :0)
Bye bye for now and love you much xoxox

13 Jul 2007
HI !!
I forgot to mention I was unable to open the photo album that you forwarded to me from Dusty`s baby I guess
Sheesh !! Too bad 🙁
Bye bye xoxo

12 Jul 2007
Glad you finally were able o write in your blog.
It`s quite interesting , hope you keep it up :0)
Hope the weather is cooperating out there. Here we had 24/10″ of rain from tuesday night till wednesday night.It`s cool this week but nice like 18c-20c.
Well , hope you`re enjoying yourself.
Bye bye for now and love you both much oxox
I guess we`ll see you in the ” middle of august :0) ”

12 Jul 2007
I really liked the movie of Winnie the Pooh!! Do you think you can send me some pictures?Have Fun!!Austin

11 Jul 2007
Big Sis
Sorry about your bad luck on the I-Net…better luck next time…looking forward to hearing about your travels!! Don’t forget about Austin’s postcard!

08 Jul 2007
Hi Curt,
A lot of people type their long posts out in windows notepad and then copy and paste into travelblog. This helps avoid problems with internet failures. Sorry!
Best wishes

07 Jul 2007
hi !!
I don`t really know how this works, so I don`t know if you got my message:0) This is my second one right now, I`m kind of lost with this new kind of technology:0) :0)
Here everything is good
Bye bye and love you both xoxo
Take good care of Megan xo Let me know if you got my messages ok?

06 Jul 2007
Hello :0)
Sorry to hear that, hope you can remeber what you had written !! Hope you`re having a wonderful time !! here it`s very hot all wek and hotter for the weekend. 30`s all weekend :0)
Have a good time and be safe !! :0)

06 Jul 2007
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