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Hello! Okay no pictures as of yet I keep forgeting to bring in my cords to hook with my camera to the computer so next week i will try but cant promise that i will post some pictures.I also forgot my journal which i have written down some weird things that i have found in Berlin I am going to try to list them here so get ready for the culture shock! (lol)1.) The walking signals are not the red hand and white illuminated walking person. Instead it is a standing man in red and a walking man in green that both wear hats. (Traces of socialist East Berlin)2.) When crossing a street there is no push button to have the traffic signal change, instead it is looks almost like an overgrown yellow mouse (the ones that we use with our computers mouse) and has three dots. I still not sure how they are supposed to be used perhaps its motion detected.3.) At movie theatres they sell salted and sweetened popcorn. I went for salted…sweet popcorn (just with sugar is what the sales lady told me) sounded a little out of the norm for me.4.) In Berlin there is pre-seating in movie theatres and you have to pay more money to sit further back. (A dollar more)5.) Instead of the toliet levers on our toilets at home this is a long oval button that you push down on the one side in order to flush. (at the university is a panel on the wall you have to push)6) In the city you need to pay to pee, no bathroom is free, the most expensive toilet i found was $1.10! A 1.10 to PEE people, PEE!7) The subway is not on a grid system but a complex web…and Im bad in Toronto with the subway imagine what fun I am having here.8)Pedestrians do not have the right away!! So you jay walkers look out, the cars do not brake…I learned this the hard way. (no I didnt get hit by a car but I came close)9)Biking is serious here, you can rent bikes for free. They are white and ugly but theyre free.Okay i guess thats about it for now…I know there is more so I will keep u updated. Wish me luck and fun in Zurich!Please update me on Y&R! I found out Nick is the father! YAY! thats what i wanted!toodles, love you all, Ali
Posted from Germany:

posted Thursday July 2006