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I am pooped. I have done so much walking my toes hurt..not feet my toes. I went and say a museum today called the topography of Terror which showed all the buildings that were used to institute the plans and hold the unwanted Jews during the uprising of the Nazi regime. The museum is actually held at one of the very building locations which of course has been destroyed. The museum was outside so it was very very hot and I was wearing sandels so of course theyre a little red now.i had yet another class today but it was a touch on the boring side. (ok ok so i fell asleep for half an hour..but really im up at 2am in the morning canada time and class is at 3am do you blame me?)What is this World War 3 business Im hearing about? I saw it on the news last night, in German but i really didnt give it much attention and perhaps tonight i will. if they do have news on at 8 at night.Anyhew this message is shorter than the others because the sun is setting and i came to the cafe on my own tonight.Kalie- im sorry i didnt mention you yesterday i was trying to remember everyone…if u might have noticed i almost forgot Jennifer! it wasnt until the very end that i added her in!Everybody stay safe and enjoy the nice HOT STINKY STINKIN weather! (Maw ha ha) Love you all,Alison
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posted Tuesday July 2006