alijane15 – Germany 4

Yay I finally got some photos to work. Okay the four new additions are of my trip in Belgium I took over 150 while I was there but with the computer so slow I just picked ones and hoped they were right. The first one is me standing in the Justice of the Peace building near the Grand Palace it was massive inside, I purposely had Maureen take it at a distance so that you could see the scale of its grandness. The second one is a funny picture where Morgan (left) and Maureen (right) pretend to be utterly lost…which sadly does happen to us. The next photo is 4 ladies in Brussels, Carman, Maureen, Me and Jocelyn. The final one is of just me and Im standing by some old building in the historic tourist section of Belgium.Anyhew I have a test on the Wednesday so Im off to study since I have now been on the internet for over an hour and half!toodles oh and PLEASE SOMEBODY UPDATE ME ON YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!!!love ya!Ali
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posted Monday July 2006