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Tell us about your travels!..but please start by telling us about yourself and your plans! cheat sheet allows you to upload all your photos at once and then add the photos to your travelblog.

You upload a batch of photos. Choose a folder on your PC or on flash drive or CD to store only photos. You can select this folder name and all the photos in the folder will be uploaded.

Then you mayclick on ‘write your travelblog’ and should see aempty Edit Area for you to type into and above it a mosaic of thumbnails of your photos :-

You use the mouse to drag the photos into the Edit Area. They appear full size after you Save.We suggest you write your post and add photos by ‘drag and drop’ from the mosaic as you go along.

If you want people to quickly view lots of your photos please suggest they click on the ‘photo gallery’ link to see the photos !

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posted Monday May 2006