Alison Smeath – Allie Adventure – Australia 11

27 Jan 2008


Im now down in Noosa staying with Juanita for the long weekend.  It was a really long bus ride overnight down here(12 1/2 hours and didn’t get much sleep, surprise, surpise!!!).  Been interesting as it is Australian Day so heaps many flags etc and everyone saying Happy Australian Day!!!!!!   we spend the day looking around Noosa using a ferry to take us to each different stop.  the house along the ride edge are so flash on old place sold for 5.1 million and it now gone and just a pile of dirt, however it’s going to be replaced with a 3 million dollar house, so they have heaps of money to throw around will see if they will throw some my way Haha.  CRIKEY I’m off to the Australian Zoo tomorrow to check out the wonderful creatures big and samll that they have so many off over here. I will try and update this site with a few photos i have taken over the last month.  Well thats it for now and i will write again before the end of the week.

Take Care, Love Allie

Posted from Australia:

posted Sunday January 2008