Alison Smeath – Allie Adventure – Australia 13

– 31 Dec 2007

Happy New Years Everyone.

I’m in Cataract Park in Sydney having a great time.  We had deaps of international count down last nite and the still continue until 7pm tonite.  Yesterday i had a busy day doing serivce around the camp site in the morning and then in the afternnon i did the high rope course which was challenging.  We then went on the Gaint swing which you were pulled up by others and then you pulled the release cord and dropped 15mts down, so much fun.  Today we heading for a relaxing day at the beach or in Sydney, have yet to choice.  Well have a great day and will write again after i return back from my expedition up the coast.

Take Care Allie

Posted from Australia:

posted Monday December 2007