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We are heading form the Passage tombs to the Hill of Slane, where Saint Patrick lit the Easter fire. I dont know why it was significant, but theres a little sign to tell me what happened afterwards, and to tell me that it is still lit every year. I want to go for that one year.

On the hill of Slaine is a cemetery and a ruin of an old abbey, but there is very little info outside of that. It is beautiful though, with an amazing view, and we climb all over it to get better shots. Some fellow tourists have been kind enough to begin picking up trash that they see, and as we come in, they are leaving with 4 full trash bags. What a sad commentary. But thank you, random tourists, wherever you are, and I hope that we are encouraged to do the same when we head somewhere. Take only the memories, leave only our footprints, as they say.

Speaking of footprints, there are some cows in the field where Slaine is, which is typical of almost any old site in Ireland. You can see cows and sheep, sometimes ponies, grazing on ancient Holy sites. In some places, you have to hop fences onto private property to get into a site- but the owners dont mind. If anything, they may charge a euro or so for the pleasure, but mostly they just tip their hat and let you ramble. We also get to see the “Celtic Tiger” economy at work, with this subdivsion goin up right across form this historic site.

We head now to the Hill of Tara, which is the seat of the high kings of Ireland back in the day. When youre there, you can see why they would choose this spot. You can see for miles, and it is a truly beautiful place. The layout and design is better viewed from the air, but maybe you can get the idea from the picture of the sign. It has a mound, a church, and some other neat features, including a phallic symbol. The phallic symbol is so huge, that it embarrasses me and I decide to go take some pictures elsewhere.

Onward to Trim, where it is too late to tour the castle, so decide to do it first thing in the morning. The B and B is so cute, with the prettiest window boxes. My room is adorable, with 2 little twin beds at opposite angles in the room. Trust me, its cute.

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posted Tuesday July 2006