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Chris and I get on the train from the airport to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. It’s a late morning rush hour crowd, but not overly crowded. At the second stop, we go to grab our luggage from the shelf above our heads and Chris’s bag is gone. As soon as we realized that someone had snatched it, the door shut and the train was on it’s way out of the station.Ya know, we’re both street smart guys. We know what elements to stay away from, we know when things are gonna go shady. I hate to give credit to the asshole who stole the bag, but he was fuckin good at his job. That kinda shit would never happen in NYC.

We didn’t even see it happen.

In a bid to save money on public transport, we explored Amsterdam by foot. On one day we did an estimated 11 km route to Java Island and the Anaconda Bridge.

Our feet did not like us much after that.

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21 Jan 2007
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