Ashley Lonon Confessions of a world traveler 21 May 2008 – Switzerland 3


I. Love. Switzerland.  It’s so beautiful!  I feel like I’ve used that word (among others) a lot over the course of my blogging, but keep in mind that I have limited time, a diminished mental capacity due to my lack of sleep and poor nutrition, and no access to a thesaurus.  So, get over it!

This morning we had presentations from the founder of Ebfinanz, a private Swiss banking companz, and a rep from the Luzern Tourist Board.  After the presentations, I went with Kelly, Kelsey, and Erin to the lower level of the train station and got some HAWAIIAN PIZZA! yessssss.  As the train station lacked public seating, we ate our greasy pizza out of the box…on the ground…in the train station…in Switzerland.  Suffice it to say we got many a quizzical look, and the occasional laugh. After our train station meal, we went over to Bucherer so that thez could redeem their coupons for free, one-of-a-kind (a.k.a. free for all tourists) Lucern spoons! Wonderful.  I bought mzself a genuine Swiss army knife, too! No need to be alarmed. It’s less than intimidating. I also bought Dad some awesome gifts for his birthday and father’s day since I missed the first and will be with FC for the second.  But nice try, Dad, I’m not going to write what I bought you.  Thought you’d get me, eh. Anyway, very satisfied with our purchases, we left and went across the street to the CHOCOLATE STORE! Kayla, you are in for a surprise. I need to figure out how to mail chocolate safely to Colorado now.

Uhhhhhh went shopping some more, saw the lion statue again, took pics with Alchard (my fish camp’s mascot, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about. He’s a jackalope), and came back to the hotel.  Now I’m going to the other hotel to hang out with K, K, and E again: it’s room service and a movie night!! Hey, it’s a whole lot cheaper than the dinner cruise and all restaurants around here, so give us a break!

Having a great time! I think this is the perfect length for a trip like this, though, as I’m starting to get sick of some people…

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posted Wednesday June 2008