Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – St. Vincent and the Grenadines 4

The morning of our arrival in Bequia, our fresh water pump broke down. Our first water pump broke down after only two weeks; I bought two spares! This one, at least, lasted 7 months; not bad, in comparison.

Then, the extractor fan to our generator began to howl! Efforts to lubricate the bearings have not, really, been successful. A replacement fan will be sent to Virgin Gorda.

Finally, yesterday, I serviced our fresh water maker. The seacock had been closed, in order to clean the primary filter. When I re-opened the seacock, it disintegrated in my hands! There is no replacement available on the island, despite the presence of four yacht chandlers. The first attempt to repair the seacock, with epoxy, has not been successful. Tonight, I am trying a substance called Marine Tex; this moulds like putty, but hardens like steel after about 24 hours. We will see, tomorrow evening, whether the repair job succeeds.

Our opportunity to visit Tobago Cays is rapidly disappearing, as we need to return to St Lucia. A weather window looks likely on Tuesday night, next week. Before then, the winds are from the north and north east; as, indeed, are the waves; on Tuesday night the wind is from the east. The waves, although still from the northeast, will be 4 – 5 feet. The waves, today, are 10-12 feet!

I don’t believe the photos of Maggie’s efforts to make Beesmej more “homely” were correctly uploaded. I will try to send them with this report!

Posted from St. Vincent and the Grenadines:

posted Thursday March 2009