Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 29


We had, what can only be described as, an extremely close shave, yesterday.

Beesmej is tied up to a jetty, belonging to Dan & Sarah Even [previous owners of Manta]. We are the last in a line of yachts and motor cruisers. Behind us, about 25 yards away, is a hairpin bend.

At around 9am, a gin palace [55ft long] began to negotiate the bend, on an ebb tide. As she swept towards us, her engines failed and, consequently, her steering. She passed us, with an inch to spare, and careered into the bank, 10 yards behind us. A crew member tried her best to stop the cruiser from moving further, by tying a rope to a palm tree. Unfortunately, in her haste, she passed the rope under the stainless steel ironmongery, at the bow. As the cruiser swung round, she was, indeed, held in place; but, at the cost of all the beautiful stainless steel work, around the bow.

The cruiser had, just, been serviced and the owner was not best pleased. As it happened, the fibreglass hull escaped serious injury. The cruiser was towed away, a while later.

Meantime, I have been looking at the weather. There appears to be a perfect window of opportunity to cross the Gulf, next Friday. Once we have crossed, we can await the return of daughter, Gaynor, in Nassau.

Posted from USA:

posted Saturday November 2008