bon giorno tutti! – Italy 5

rome was such an experience, i decided to stay a week longer,  to walk the streets of trastevere, an old mini village in rome, full uv young lively people, bars, restaurants, old cobble roads that wind round round circles.  a friend i met there was living in an apartment that from his balcony, you could see all the cupolas of every church in rome.  the beauty of this view, with the voices of people below!!  i think i should live there for sum time!

in trastevere, i met a professor, who took me to an exhibition of the great registo(film maker) rosellini where we, by coincedence, ran into met the cinematagrapher who with his father,  worked side by side with him.  out of sheer passion, in detail, explained to us, how they together,  invented the use of certain mirrors to make illusions with very little money!! 

Posted from Italy:

posted Monday April 2007