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Hey Im in cambodia – got a flight from Singapore on the 7th at 6am (spent the night at the airport drinking stupid amounts of coffee – oh my god I am still recovering, dont think Ive actually slept properly yet!) Got to Siem Reap and had major argument with obnoxious customs man who refused to give me change for the 50 Singapore dollars I payed for my Visa on arrival. (Its 25 US dollars but I only had singapore – my fault but he was rude and totally stupid – kept waving angrily at me and telling me to “follow my friend” – what friend? Im here alone you bloody idiot?) So anyway got out of the airport and was then mobbed by Touts – which didnt improve my mood but luckily I heard one of them say “Yasmin”(Which I hoped meant “Jasmine” – the lodge I was heading for) so took a gamble and went with him – funniest “taxi ride” ever – he balanced my huge backpack on the handle bars of his motorbike and then I had to hop on the back – wobbly to say the least! Anwyay I got here! Its such a nice place – really chilled out and only $4 a night!Met Michel, and hired a couple of bicycles to go to the main temple of Angkor Wat for sunset – was wikkid – greatphotos (as I keep saying, sorry one of these days I will bother to download them!) Tried to find the landmine museum but failed miserably!Cycling back was a bit sketchy – we had no lights and the traffic is pretty unpredictable here, but Im alive which is what countsYesterday we hired drivers and went around the main temples by motorbike – had an amusing conversation with my driver who couldnt quite understand that Michel is not actually my future husband (no sorry you’re not invited to the wedding because ..well.. there isnt one?!) We got harrassed by loads of children selling random stuff like flutes and other weird musical instruments – in the end I bought a copy of the lonely planet guide to vietnam (for $4!)Oh and saw the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed! Then we got them to take us to the landmine museum – pretty harsh stuff – there were loads of stories pinned up of some of the victims – some were only about ten when they lost their arms and legsWent out in Siem Reap last night – its such a nice atmosphere though obviously a little touristy but whatever its cool.Still dying fomr the heat but today is a little cloudy so its not so bad – and my fault cos Im being cheap and not paying for AC! (which is like 5 times as much as a fan) Anyway, Michel left this morning so Im jst lazing around trying to decide where to go to next. Im going to spend today and tomorrow doing some more temples but then its whether I go to Vietnam of Koh Chang, which just this moment was highly recommended to me by a girl I just met at breakfast… it looks pretty sweet…. ugh hate decisions. Well will let you know! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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posted Saturday March 2014