Charlie’s travels – Hong Kong 57

Arrive 7am! Mad rush to get bags off the train – still half asleep and need of a wash but its straight off to see the terracotta warriors. they were built by the  “Emperor Qinshihuang” to protect him in the afterlife and we met the farmer that actualy discovered them!

 Pretty spectacular stuff – they are all life size with individual features and were originally all painted too. However thousands of his labourers actually died making them. ( Talk about having issues… surely there could have been an easier way…)

Later Kim and I go out in xian and round the muslim quarter. (finally feel as if Im actually in china!) Find a local restaurant and have what looks like cold noodles with chillie sauce – dont ask any questions, its food! We return for dinner and have a huge spread then sit outside with some beer – the markets stay open at night – its an awesome atmosphere!
Posted from Hong Kong:

posted Thursday March 2006