Charlie’s travels – Nepal 27

.. taking me ages im bored, which means u guys must be seiorusly bored, so will do more later X the traffic in Kathmandu is still quiet though taxis and tuk tuks are running and lots of ambulances – dont ahve to be at the aiport tomorrow until 10 ish so theres a tourist airport bus i can get. pretty bummed about leaving but cant get a flight over everst cos of the strike and all tours to Tibet are off as well so not much point. (plus i think mum might just have a heart attack if i stay here any longer so dont worry Thailand is calling!) I will leave u with a few fotos of the base camp:

 see where we’re standing? to the very left of us is the hugest drop you can imagine – we are literaly perched on an overhang!

 this is fishtail mountain

ps lpease ignore all horrible spelling/grammar/typos
Posted from Nepal:

posted Monday April 2006